FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Anodized Titanium Silencer with Titanium End Cap

FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Anodized Titanium Silencer with Titanium End Cap

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      If you're a rider looking for a silencer that's packing stellar looks and increased performance from a staple brand in motorsports, the FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Anodized Titanium Silencer with Titanium End Cap is an option that we think sits close to the top of the class.

      FMF distinguishes their 4.1 RCT from other silencers from the start by using premium, ultra lightweight materials and a refined design developed with years of industry experience. Features like FMF’s unique Resonance Chamber Technology™ (RCT), a specialized chamber that sits at the front of the slip-on, lowers your exhaust decibel level so it complies with FIM 2M max sound tests and the stringent AMA sound requirements so you can get onto any trail and into any race where noise level regulations are enforced.

      While the RCT lowers sound, what's better is that it won't eat up your bike's power either. In Fact the RCT chamber design refines and enhances exhaust pressure to give your bike gains throughout the rpm range. Power increases are tunable as well with the end cap housing FMF's new Rapid Tuning System (RTS) that lets you swap between race tips (sold seperately) and the 94 db Quiet Core insert. With this level of performance and versatility FMF's Factory 4.1 RCT Silencers really do serve as an excellent option for all types dirt and off-road riders.

  • Titanium canister body for the lightest weight possible
  • Anodized finish gives unique look and corrorsion resistance
  • Lightweight and tough titanium end cap
  • Rapid Tuning System (RTS) allows for swapable end cap inserts (sold seperately)
  • Compatible with FMF and OEM headers
  • Resonance Chamber Technology (RCT) lowers sound and refines exhaust gas pressure
  • Increases performance throughout the rpm range
  • Efficient design centralizes mass and makes silencer body less prone to damage in a crash
  • Increased packing material volume in main body canister
  • Meets AMA and FIM sound regulations and requirements
  • Quiet Core 94db end cap insert included
  • Spark arrestor included.
  • 100% American made in California
  • Easily removable end cap for quick servicing and repacking
  • Available in various finishes and end cap materials
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