SILENCIADOR Pro Circuit Factory Sound 304

SILENCIADOR Pro Circuit Factory Sound 304

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      The Pro Circuit Factory Sound 304 Silencer is designed for most types of riding and for riders that want a silencer similar to the R-304 but with a little less noise output, and little more of the power near the top end of the rpms.

      That power of the 304 comes from a straight-through design of the stainless steel stinger, end cap, and aluminum canister body, leaving exhaust gases free to leave as efficiently as possible. But because the Factory Sound 304 has a slightly longer canister body than the R-304, sound is reduced as the E-Glass packing material has more time to absorb some of the exiting sound waves. The length also slightly affects the power band by giving your bike a little more top end.

      But even with the longer body, the premium materials used still result in a weight that’s much less than your bike’s stock silencer. Plus you get removable hex head hardware so you don’t have to drill out any rivets when repacking. All of it adds up to make the 304 Silencer an excellent option if you want maximum performance with a sound that won’t get you kicked off a track or trail.

  • Adds additional power in the upper rpm range
  • Extended canister body reduces noise output
  • Lightweight construction weighs less than stock
  • Deep works-like exhaust note
  • Unrestricted exhaust flow
  • Easy to repack using hex head removable hardware
  • Stainless steel stinger/intake pipe
  • Stainless steel end cap
  • 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy canister body
  • Packed with E-Glass material for maximum packing life
  • Double-walled mounting bracket(s)
  • Tig and mig welded construction
  • Attractive brushed finish
  • Made in the USA